The SIM centre resembles the real environment in its overall structure and functionality. Simulations are enabled using top-notch equipment: a professional defibrillator simulator, an automatic defibrillator simulator, a birth simulator, and a simulator of a seriously injured person. In addition, real medicines are used, as well as a simulator that responds like a living person, sound effects of heavy breathing, scene recording equipment, a newborn baby simulator, an infant and a small child simulator, and an ambulance simulator.

I-simulate simulation program



  • MegaCode Kelly
  • Sim man (trauma)
  • Sim baby
  • Arm (setting up I.V.)
  • Resusci Anne QCPR AED Full Body in Trolley Suitcase
  • Laerdal Aspirator
  • Pediatric Intubation Trainer
  • ALS*
  • ALS, Resusi Anne*

Medical instruments

  • Dräger Oxylog 1000
  • BCI Oxymeter
  • VeraTemp - proffessional non-contact thermometer
  • ECG



  • ALS*

Debriefing system

SIMULATION CENTREqualification for professional and lay public

  • SIM centre
  • Metelkova 9
  • 1000 Ljubljana

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