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Izjava 1 - Rajko Vajd

Learning through the teamwork in simulation centre can much more contribute to classical ways of education in health care, increase the efficiency and quality of health care, and ultimately reduce the possibility of mistakes in patients’ treatment.


Mag. Rajko Vajd, dr. med., spec.
Chairman of Slovenian Society for Emergency Medicine

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Izjava 2 Maja Grba - Bujević

Thanks to the exceptional capabilities of the SIM Center, it is through the simulation of real clinical situations that it provides training in conditions that show the situation on the ground in the best possible way.


Prim. mr. Maja Grba – Bujević, dr. med., spec.
Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine

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Izjava 9 - Monika Ažman

Getting new knowledge with simulation method is a new way of learning, using life style models that employees daily cooperate in health care sector.


Monika Ažman, dipl. m. s.
Chairwoman of Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia

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Izjava 8 - Nevenka Kregar Velikonja

Simulations in health care are an invaluable experience for students and workers, as they prepare them in the best possible way for critical situations in real environment.


Doc. dr. Nevenka Kregar Velikonja, univ. dipl. biol.
Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences Novo mesto

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Izjava 3 - Darko Čander

Education in SIM centre means the greatest approximation to real situation. It considers an environment where we meet critical situations, as well as the condition in which the patient is located.


Mag. Darko Čander, dipl. zn.
Chairman Sekcije reševalcev v zdravstvu

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Izjava 4 - Anka Patru

SIM Centre, with its function, represents the best way of learning as well as to restore yet acquired knowledge. An individual person can, in safe environment and through direct situations, get enormous knowledge and deepened, renewed experiences.


Anka Patru, univ. dipl. psih.
Head of Center Ahil

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Izjava 5 - Daniela Vogrin

We got a lot of self-confidence, confidence in ourselves and colleagues. You work better, because you know you have more knowledge and in a stressful situation you also find yourself better.


Daniela Vogrin, TZN
CHC Ljubljana, Unit Šiška

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Izjava 7 - Nina Glavan Cencič

Because of good preparation in your centre, I reacted 90% through the algorithm and I have surprised myself over my reaction.


Nina Glavan Cencič, dr. dent. med.
CHC Ljubljana, Unit Vič-Rudnik

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Izjava 10 - Vlasta Malavašič

Because we do not face a vital patient every day, training at the SIM centre is urgently needed. I am convinced that I was more confident and sovereign in first aid when it came to practical training at the SIM centre.


Vlasta Malavašič, dipl. m. s.
CHC Ljubljana, Unit Center

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